Simendo camera

<strong>Simendo</strong> camera

The Simendo camera is a simulator that trains skills for handling a zero and thirty degree laparoscope. The trainee will learn to manipulate the zero degree laparoscope by following around objects and instruments and by aiming at different locations on the liver. The 30 degree angled laparooscope movements are trained by finding objects hidden in boxes and by tracing lines around the liver.

Our camera simulator

For improving and certifying laparoscopic camera skills


  • 0 degree camera curriculum
  • 30 degree camera curriculum
  • Scientifically validated
  • Portable
  • Compete online against your peers
  • Connected to
  • Unlimited online registrations
Cam 30 degrees: Trace Watch video
Trace a line around the liver using a 30 degree scope.
Cam 30 degrees: 6 Boxes Watch video
Work on your accuracy with a 30 degree angled scope by looking inside six boxes.
Cam zero degrees: Pick up and drop Watch video
Follow the instrument using a zero degree scope. Make sure you the grasper in view as much as possible.


Train your laparoscopic camera skills with the latest technologies and save expensive cost for physical supervision.


When you purchased the simulator just connect the Simendo camera and run the Simendo software. If you already have a Simendo account you can login and continue your training.


At purchase the simulator includes the Simendo camera, a user licence and a laptop or PC. When you received the simulator you can directly start your training.


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