In your hospital

What can Simendo do for you when you have one of our simulators in your hospital?


Make training valuable with the online scoring platform

Simendo was the first to develop an online score tracking system for educators and trainees. With our experience we have the most sophisticated scoring platform with thousands of active doctors that use it for certification and online competing against their peers. With the most innovative online scoring platform nowadays Simendo has become an essential need for trainees and educators.

Certifying skills

Without a certification system for students, you will not get the full benefit of your trainer. Our training programs certify your students automatically upon successful completion of our various curricula. All that is required to implement the Simendo into your education program, is to mandate one or more of these curricula.

Global competition

In addition to predefined and validated training curricula we also challenge your students to compete online against their peers. Every year we organise a competition for our users, to stimulate students and teachers alike to excel in basic laparoscopic skills.

Connect hospitals

Our innovative score tracking system allows you to group hospitals to set up a regional certification program. Setting the system to use time limited certificates ensures that students across the region keep training to keep their skills on par.

Why choose our trainers?

We take over the difficult part of getting your students up to a high level of instrument handling for safer surgery. We challenge them with a variety of exercises, starting from easy up to a highly advanced level. With our trainers you can mandate training without a physical supervisor and at the same time make it fun, challenging and contemporary. We have over ten thousand training sessions every year and look forward to helping you certify your students as well. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Safer surgery

We focus on the training of basic skills as these have proven to yield the most effective transfer of training to the operation theatre. Students that have been certified by our training programs usually have a big advantage compared to students who have had no (structured) training.


We have developed our trainers such that students can train in their own time, according to their own schedule, or whenever they feel like it. There is no need for classroom sessions or supervisors to be physically present when students are training, freeing up teachers and supervisors for more important tasks. Ease of use of the software makes sure students can find their way around the trainer intuitively.