About us

The brand Simendo

Simendo stands for Simulator for Endoscopy and has been registered as an official trademark.

Head office based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Simendo is located in the dynamic city centre of Rotterdam, which is famous for the amount of skyscrapers and Dutch multi-nationals.


The people working for Simendo all have extensive knowledge in the field of simulation and usability. Our knowledge extends to medical- and flight simulation, interface design, man-machine interaction and more. Simendo BV is owned and founded by Mark Wentink and Joeri Post.

Joeri Post (CEO)


Our goal is to achieve a worldwide certification standard for the handling of minimal invasive skills, and to build a training solution with which students can be certified in their own time, possibly at home, but without direct supervision by a teacher. To this end we have developed scientifically validated training programs that allow students to practice in a safe, virtual environment.


If we succeed in getting laparoscopic surgeons certified throughout the world, more lives will be saved. Therefore we will keep on investing to reach our goal driven by our credo; if you invest in life, life will invest in you.