Announcement Simendo online skills competition 2019

Starts on October 14 and ends on December 13
Because all Simendo simulators are connected, any licensed hospital can join and compete!

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- 92% of all participants agreed that the simulator can be used to train for surgical inspection
- 95% indicated sufficient user-friendliness

Validation results Simendo arthroscopy:

Article available at:

To obtain the profiency scores
to issue the certificates the bi-manual
fundamentals curriculum has been succesfully
validated by Martijn van Ginkel.

The validition was under the supervision of
H.W.R. Schreuder, PhD,
gynaecological oncologist and
associate Professor of the
University Medical Center of Utrecht.
Exercise Tube and rings

Product range

Simendo arthroscopy for orthopedic surgeons

Simendo all-in-one for all laparoscopy practitioners

Simendo laparoscopy for surgery, gynaecology and urology

Simendo camera for laparoscopic camera assistants