What is

MySimendo is the online platform that comes with the simulator. This platform manages all data that has been obtained through the Simendo simulator. This platform was the first online platform for surgical simulators and is still considered as the most sophisticated and user-friendly platform that is currently available.

With scores and certificates are safely stored and always accessible for users. The Simendo makes use of several predefined and scientifically validated curricula that includes nominal scores as a reference for user scores. During training there is no human intervention that can influence the scores accept the user itself. This advanced computer model makes the scoring 100% objective and there is no need for supervisors to check whether the trainee performed well.

MySimendo gives you the full benefits of simulation and is widely accepted, it handles over 15.000 scores every month!

Key features

  • Most advanced and user friendly online scoring platform for medical simulators.
  • Online profiles so trainees can resume their training on any Simendo worldwide.
  • Safely stores trainee data in a protected environment.
  • Sends out certificates to users and supervisors.
  • Notifies the supervisor after a trainee has passed the exam.
  • Certification expiry option for repeated training.
  • Supports online competing through the simulation software throughout the year.
  • Create hospital groups for regions.