Bimanual fundamentals for Simendo laparoscopy available in July 2018!

The winner of the Simendo skills competition 2017, Floris Weller (AMC Amsterdam - the Netherlands), shows how he won the competition.

Zero degree and thirty degrees curriculum for Simendo camera available now!

The new Simendo arthroscopy Pro3!

- Plug & play via USB.
- Wide range for optimal simulation of shoulder and knee.
- Restricted valgus/varus movement of the knee.
- Maximum movement for flexion/extension.
- High precision components.
- Single housing with table-grip.

Product range

Simendo arthroscopy for orthopedic surgeons

Simendo all-in-one for all laparoscopy practitioners

Simendo laparoscopy for surgery, gynaecology and urology

Simendo camera for laparoscopic camera assistants